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Calling for Papers for UIKonf 2015

Happy New Year everyone! We are very happy to announce Natasha (the Robot) Murashev and Maxim Cramer as confirmed speakers for UIKonf 2015 as well as the opening the call for paper for UIKonf 2015.

Submit your proposal for UIKonf 2015
Everyone can participate in the process of selecting the talks for this year's UIKonf by either proposing a talk or commenting on proposals. The idea is simple. You propose a presentation until February 15th. Others will help refine and focus it by making suggestions. You keep updating your proposal bearing those suggestions in mind. We will then collectively whittle down the set of proposals to those that have been selected for the day.

Deadline for submittal: February 15th
Deadline for final changes: February 22nd
Voting period: February 23rd - March 1st

Talks should be no longer than 30 minutes plus discussion time. To get an idea which topics are most sought after, read what people told us in our survey. We are looking forward to your proposals!

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The hottest topics for UIKonf 2015

In October we asked you to fill out a survey about your experience at previous UIKonfs and your expectations and hopes for UIKonf 2015. Read here what people answered.

According to our community, the most interesting topics of the one we suggested are:

  • Hardcore Swift
  • UIKit Wizardry
  • Developing for Apple Watch

We also asked people to contribute their own topic ideas. Following topics where mentioned by multiple participants:

  • Architectures
  • Realm.io
  • ReactiveCocoa / Reactive Functional programming
  • OSX development
  • Podcasting, blogging, building a community

A more detailed list can be found in this Google Doc.

These results might give you an inspiration when you submit your paper. We want to encourage you to submit any other topic if you feel it will be interested.


Maxim Cramer and Natasha Murashev at UIKonf 2015

We are happy to announce two more speakers for UIKonf 2015. Meet Maxim Cramer and Natasha (the Robot) Murashev.

Maxim Cramer

Maxim Cramer

Maxim currently works at SwiftKey where she had the privilege to be part of developing and launching SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS. Starting off with digital design at a young age, she grew curious about programming and so pursued it professionally, yet never straying far from UI/UX. Passionate about humans, she advocates testing products with people first and foremost, always enjoying the looks of surprise, confusion, and delight.

Natasha Murashev

Natasha (the Robot) Murashev

Natasha is a Swift enthusiast who writes about her experiences with this still developing language on natashatherobot.com. She is currently working as an iOS engineer for Capital One in San Francisco and is also introducing beginners to mobile app development at General Assembly.

You can speak at or select speakers for UIKonf, too. Submit your proposal through our Vestibule or comment on proposals of others. We are looking forward to your ideas.

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First confirmed speakers - Graham Lee and Mike Lee

Thanks to everyone who filled out our survey. We were pleasantly surprised by the number and content of your responses. We were also happy to find out that we are already on track to cover most requested topics and speakers. So we are pleased to introduce the first two confirmed speakers...

Graham Lee

Graham Lee

Graham Lee works at Facebook, where he helps people make better tests so they can help people make better software. In the past he worked with some other people, and has written books and blogs so he can work with people he hasn't met too. His blog is at sicpers.info.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee

Mike Lee is an American engineer living in Amsterdam. He has worked with some interesting and even historic project teams, including such titles and company names as Delicious Monster, Tap Tap Revenge, Appsterdam, Obama '08, Black Pixel, Lemurs Chemistry, and Apple. He is currently studying terraforming.

Stay tuned for more announcements and for the call for papers.


Meet the new UIKonf team

Life has been really busy for Chris, Peter, Matt and Max. So busy that the future of UIKonf was uncertain for a while. However, a new team has been found to continue their project.

We are ...
Engin Kurutepe (iOS developer and organizer of CocoaHeads Berlin)
Maxim Zaks (iOS Game Developer)
Sabine Geithner (iOS Developer and co-organizer of Rails Girls Berlin)
Diana Arce (Artist and event manager)

We are honored and excited to organize the UIKonf 2015. In the last weeks we have been collecting new ideas to make the conference even greater and even confirmed the first speakers. More informations will follow soon.

Learn more about the new organizers ➡

Shape UIKonf with us

UIKonf is not just about expanding your skill set. It is also about meeting interesting people and making new connections. Because its participants greatly contribute to the experience of UIKonf, we want you to be able to shape the conference as well. Therefore, we are asking for your feedback.

What did you like about the last two UIKonfs? What could be done better?
Which topics would you like to have covered this time?
And who would you really like to see on stage as a speaker?

Help us make UIKonf awesome and fill out this really short (we promise!) survey.

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