About UIKonf

UIKonf is Berlin's independent conference for serious iOS developers. Taking place from May 13th to 16th 2018 in RADIALSYSTEM V in Berlin it is a great place to meet and connect with experienced developers from all over Europe.

UIKonf features inspiring speakers giving talks on cutting edge topics in iOS development, mobile design and business.

But UIKonf is not only about gathering knowledge. We want to facilitate new connections and friends amongst our great community by providing an inclusive setting where all participants feel safe and welcome. In order to achieve that, we expect all to abide by our Code of Conduct.

To help people connect, we framed UIKonf with social events which provide an informal environment for meeting like-minded people.


Ticket prices include VAT (MwSt.), free drinks, lunch on the conference days and the UIKonf party. See our refunds policy if you are not sure about your plans in May.

If you can't afford a ticket to UIKonf, you may apply to our diversity program. This program is aims to help underrepresented groups in tech to attend and to lower the barriers for them. This includes but isn’t limited to: women, people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, and disabled people and generally people who are unable to attend without financial assistance. Please apply here!


UIKonf hosts a diverse selection of inspiring speakers. We select and invite about the half of our speakers. The other half will be selected by our community through our anonymous call for proposals. As a speaker, your travel expenses will be reimbursed and you will be our guests at our selected Hotel in Berlin. Of course, we will also reimburse you for your ticket if you already have purchased one.

Call for Proposals

30 Jan – 20 Feb: Submit your proposal on our CfP page or comment on an already submitted proposal. We accept any topic you deem interesting may it be technical, design-focused, about building / running / failing a company or how to get a rocket into space using Swift - Inspire us! For inspiration, you can check out the speakers or videos of 2017

20 Feb – 1 Mar: Comment on existing proposals to help the authors improve their talks. You can help talks that you'd like to see at UIKonf to become even better and maybe get elected for the final eight.

1 Mar – 8 Mar: The voting week: our community and a committee consisting of previous UIKonf speakers will vote on their 8 favorite talks. The final 8 talks will be determined by equally weighing the votes from the public and the committee (just like in Eurovision 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤). We will inform everyone who participated in the CfP in the week after that and announce the chosen speakers one by one.

Adrian Kosmaczewski

Adrian Kosmaczewski

Writer, Software Developer and Trainer



Product Engineer at Cossack Labs

Dave DeLong

Dave DeLong

iOS Engineer at Snapchat

Esther Zahn

Esther Zahn

Fashion Tech Activist

Janie Clayton

Janie Clayton

Independent iOS developer and graphics programmer

John Sundell

John Sundell

iOS Developer & Creator of Swift by Sundell

Kamilah Taylor

Kamilah Taylor

Software Engineer previously at LinkedIn

Peter Steinberger

Peter Steinberger

Founder of PSPDFKit



If you want to help us bring the iOS developer community together, get in touch with us. Previous UIKonf supporters include Facebook, ebay Tech, JetBrains, Google Firebase, Sky and Microsoft.


As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz.io delivers digital marketing and sales solutions for Mercedes-Benz products and services including the Mercedes Benz OneWeb. Adapting to digital leadership lets Mercedes-Benz.io understand that success requires responsive organizational models. The datadriven, customer-centric product approach helps them to learn from their users and validate trends and innovations quickly.


Keepsafe’s mission is to make privacy and security simple. We believe that everyone should have the same control of privacy in their digital life as they do in their physical life. We’re working on a family of products to make it easy for people to defend their private lives. With over 50 million users on our existing products—we’re just getting started. The iOS team at Keepsafe in Berlin is focused on building new apps to augment existing Photo Vault and AppLock products.

Social Events

A central part of UIKonf are the social events on the Sunday before the conference. Not only do you get to enjoy Berlin for a day but they also give you a first opportunity to get to know other participants of the conference in a fun atmosphere.

These are some events we offered in previous years:

Bike Tour

UIKonf bike tour has become a tradition. The tour of 2017 will continue that tradition.

Touring boats on Spree River & Moltke bridge

A Boat Tour on the Spree

Relax, enjoy Berlin from a boat and chat with other UIKonf participants.

Berliner Kindl photo by Ciaron Linstead

Brewery Tour

Follow a German tradition and learn how to brew beer at the Brewery Tour.

Computer Games Museum

Computer Games Museum

Revisit the games of your youth

Kayaking on the Spree

Kayaking through Berlin

WWII Bomb-Shelter Tour

WWII Bomb-Shelter Tour

A guided tour of a WWII bomb shelter

Stasi Museum Foto by Ian Weddell

Stasi Museum Tour

Visit the former GDR state security head office which has been conserved in time.

Tempelhof Airport photo by Ciaron Linstead

Tempelhof Airport Tour

Ever wondered how Tempelhof airport looks from the inside? Then join this tour.


Holzmarktstr. 33,
10243 Berlin

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