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Social Events at UIKonf 2017

UIKonf features a list of social events on the day before the conference. These events are intended to help you break the ice with fellow conference attendees.

The events are free to attend, but we encourage you to submit a small donation. More details coming soon…

Bike Tour

The Bike Tour has become a classic for UIKonf. We provide the bikes, all you have to bring is your curiosity, a little bit of leg strength, good mood and something to cover yourself should it start to rain. Check out the route of last year.

Start: Usually around 2pm

Touring boats on Spree River & Moltke bridge

A Boat Tour on the Spree

This tour is perfect if you arrive with jet lag and don't want to do too much walking. The tour starts near castle Charlottenburg and takes you through the center of Berlin past the Reichstag building and museums island. Enjoy some coffee and good conversations along the way.

Start: around 2pm

Berliner Kindl photo by Ciaron Linstead

Brewery Tour

Germany is known for its beer brewing tradition. In our brewery tour you will see and touch the ingredients used for brewing beer, get an explanation of the process and visit the different stages, like the mashhouse and fermentation. Additionally you get a lot of informations about the history of beer-making.

Start: around 3pm

Computer Games Museum

Computer Games Museum

Their new permanent exhibition “Computer games. The evolution of a medium” saw its premiere on January 21st, 2011. You will find more than 300 exhibits on our premises for playing and exploring the cultural history of these games. Join an entertaining time travel presenting the theme of Mankind at play in the 21st century.

Start: around 2pm

Kayaking on the Spree

Hop on kayaks and paddle through the hip Neukölln and Kreuzberg with other UIKonf attendees.

Start: Around 2pm

WWII Bomb-Shelter Tour

WWII Bomb-Shelter Tour

There are not too many bomb shelters left in Berlin, but some might really surprise you. This tour takes you through a bomb shelter just above a U-Bahn (underground) platform. You will learn a lot about the history of WWII and the Cold War in Berlin.

Start: Start time will be announced soon. This could be a whole day trip.

Stasi Museum Foto by Ian Weddell

Stasi Museum Tour

The Stasi was the state security of the former GDR. Its headquarter is not too far away from the center of Berlin and is a place preserved in time. The rooms still look like Erich Mielke just left the room with their old-style telephones and 70s wall-paper.

Start: around 2pm

Tempelhof Airport photo by Ciaron Linstead

Tempelhof Airport Tour

Tempelhof Airport was one of the first air traffic airports world-wide. It was opened in 1923 and partly destroyed during WWII. It subsquently became a base for the US Air Force and a vital airport during the blockage of West-Berlin supplying people with food from so-called "raisin bombers". The airport was closed in 2008 opening a huge green space to the public. A lot of its history has been preserved inside. Check out their homepage (in German only) or wikipedia for more information.

Start: between 2pm and 4pm

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